The dirty little secret of EIG

Endurance International Group (EIG) it the company behind some of the most popular hosting companies out here, like Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostmonster, Justhost, among others. (For a complete list, please see EIG Hosting Companies).

They come, they buy, they squeeze everything in order to maximize the profits and when the users started to feel squeezed out (bad hosting performance, servers going down for lots of time, etc) the users start complaining and look out for alternatives, but most of the times, these clients end up buying services from another sub-company of EIG without knowing it!
This is one of the reasons why EIG prefers not to use their name on any of their hosting companies, because that would scare clients away!

One of the most known cases out there was Hostgator. They offered good service, excellent customer support but after being bought on June 2012, clients started complaining about bad performance, accounts being suspended without warning, terrible and time consuming costumer support, etc, and then the “blackout” of August, where all EIG servers where down for almost an entire day, only to be found later with even worse performance.

At least there are yet some companies that are out of EIG control, that have nothing to hide and that offer an overall better performance and good customer support. Some of these are companies like Dreamhost. I will compile a list of EIG “safe” hosting companies and will update this post as soon as possible. [UPDATE: Here it is EIG Hosting Companies]

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