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If you are tired of GoDaddy either by the support they showed for SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) that lead to 22,000 boycotters pledging to move over 82,000 domain names from GoDaddy (, the reputation of “Elephant killer” that the CEO Bob Parsons (see the video below) received back in 2011 or by some other reason, here are in my opinion two of the best companies if you want a GoDaddy alternative for registering domain names.

GoDaddy CEO Kills Elephant


Namecheap - The hassle-free way to buy domains and hosting online
This is one of the cheapest domain registering services out there, and they also provide free WhoisGuard (something that most of the others providers make you pay high for!). The user reviews are also great. Just click on the banner and take a better look at their prices and services and see for yourself why I consider them the best alternative to GoDaddy.


Domain.comaffiliate_linkIf you aren’t satisfied with Namecheap, you can also try (you probably heard of it already). You may check them out too and compare, but beware that you have to pay for WhoisGuard/Domain Privacy in Still, a great alternative to GoDaddy.

If I find more good alternatives to GoDaddy, for domains, I’ll list them here. But for now those are the best alternatives out here. If you have any suggestions please use the “Contact Us” form. I appreciate your feedback!

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